A trailer is typically a relatively open, flat structure used to move freight from one area to another. A trailer can be a single unit attached to a vehicle, part of an open-moving vehicle, car, van, bus, or even trailer car. The term comes from the French term “trailer” which means “winged object used for motion”. Also, a trailer can also be referred to as a cradle trailer, sleeper trailer, side trailer, box trailer, sleeper trailer, gooseneck trailer, enclosed trailer, or enclosed box trailer.


Depending on the type of trailer, there are several different types of weight and load combinations that will attach to a vehicle. The gross trailer weight is the actual weight of the trailer and any cargo it can safely pull (including the trailer and any cargo being carried as well). The load total is the maximum weight of all objects securely holding the trailer in position. A trailer’s empty weight is the weight of the trailer as it is being used without any objects in it.

There are numerous factors which can affect the overall rating of any trailer, including its overall length, hitch type, height, empty weight, available cargo, tow vehicle type, and cargo capacity. The overall length is the most important factor when determining the type of vehicle that will be best suited to tow a trailer. For example, if you need to tow a very tall cargo then a vertical trailer will be more suitable than a wide trailer.

If you plan to use your trailer for towing other vehicles, then you should also take into consideration the type of vehicle you will be using to towing it. If you own an automobile with a high clearance or a truck then you may not be able to tow your trailer. On the other hand, there are some pick-up trucks which have a higher clearance than cars. Also, keep in mind that some manufacturers provide a higher dollar amount for towing a trailer than others. Finally, before making a decision on the type of towing you will be using, it is important to consult a professional who has experience in this field.

Another factor which will affect the overall safety of your trailer and the overall cost of the repair or replacement of your trailer is the maximum allowable weight of the vehicle or cargo to be towed. This will be based on the size and design of the trailer and will vary between different manufacturers. The weight of the trailer will be based on the Manufacturer’s recommendations, but the weight of the vehicle or its load will also be taken into account. So, generally, the larger your vehicle or its load, the more you should pay for the trailer’s towing weight.

The fifth factor, which is of great importance when it comes to towing a trailer is the trailer’s towing capacity. Obviously, the more the trailer can be safely towed the more valuable it will be. The weight of the trailer will determine the trailer towing capacity. Usually, a higher value means a higher towing capacity. However, this does not mean that it will be impossible to find a trailer with a smaller maximum weight; in fact, you will often find this in high end trailers.