A movie, also known as a movie trailer, a short film, video movie or short video, is a carefully planned work of visual entertainment used to replicate real experiences that convey specific messages, themes, impressions, emotions, beauty, or setting. A movie is normally a two-dimensional representation of events and it presents a story telling the viewer how and why the event took place. The plot of a movie can be complex and it may involve many characters and different plots all connected to the larger theme of the movie. For example, the plot of the movie The DaVinci Code follows an Italian mystic who travels back in time to help his descendants in fighting against a Mafia family. The theme of the movie is the power of the subconscious mind and how it can be used to create positive change for mankind. In this movie a man tries to kill his evil brother in a cruel and horrific manner, but he must first cross some very large and dangerous obstacles on his journey.


Each movie that we watch or one that we are going to watch can represent a small piece of the larger theme. We have been bombarded with a number of movies over the years that all basically tell the same plot. We see violence, romance, and many other things that all revolve around human conflict and the change that occurs when we find a solution to those problems. Each theme has a specific purpose that is either to fulfill a need of human beings or to entertain. When one theme is missing from the movie or if the theme is being challenged then the movie fails to provide the proper balance and this is where American society falters. It is not fair for a movie to neglect to cater to all of our individual needs as well as everyone else’s needs in order for us to have a healthy society.

Many people believe that movie theaters are failing because of the way in which they are catering to the masses. Movie theaters are now showing movies at more local theatres which allows people who live far apart to come together to watch a movie together. This is important because it provides a place and an environment that allows people to connect on a personal level. It gives people a chance to get to know one another again and to share their common experiences and thoughts. It is also important because movie theaters are businesses and they need to stay in business.

One way that movie theaters are dealing with this problem is by implementing smaller formats such as the Chinese Loosey Fruit Loosey. The premise of the Chinese Loosey is that two people sit on a couch and pass each other a wristwatch. Loosey watches can be bought in bulk at a very low price but they do not exactly fit in with the theme of the social distancing. In this case instead of having the two people sitting on the couch and exchanging a Loosey between them the two people sit on each side of the couch and place their wrists together. This creates the perfect opportunity for the movie to be able to convey its message across and for people to be able to understand what is happening in the movie.

A movie theater could use these same devices to create social distancing between the audience and the actors and actresses in the movie. When movie theater audiences are watching a movie and there are no other people in the theater the actors and actresses are separated from the other people in the theater. For example, if a movie were to show the final scene on the big screen and then put the movie into a small one in the audience would see something different than what they would have seen if the movie had been shown in a standard large screen. By creating these small screens the audience would be able to see the difference and would be able to relate to the situation on the screen. Smaller screens are another way that movie theaters are able to create social distancing.

Another use of motion pictures to tell stories is in the form of stage plays. Movie theaters are becoming more of venues that actually allow people to stage their own play. Stage plays are usually very short plays that only last about three or four hours. Movie theaters are able to afford to be less expensive because they do not have to pay for a cast and crew and are also able to show more movies normally than a theatre would be able to. These are some of the ways that movie theatres are being used as a social gathering place and as a way to tell stories.